White Mineral Oil - Duoprime 90 - Food Grade

Mineral Oil USP - ( White Mineral Oil, Duoprime 90)

A food grade lubricating oil that can be used at food packaging plants, dairies, etc..

NF light mineral oil. Stabilizer added: Approximately 10 ppm DL-Alpha-Tocopherol (Vitamin E). Authorized by USDA for use in contact with meat and poultry products under federal inspection (Such as "3-H Release Agents").

Not Intended for Human Internal Consumption. Suitable for Veterinary Use, for Manufacturing, Processing, or Repacking ! No Signs or Symptoms of Adverse Health Effects Are Expected. However, If Ingestion Occurs, Do Not Induce Vomiting since Aspiration into the Lungs May Cause Lipoid Pneumonia.

In Case of Fire, Use Dry Chemical or Carbon Dioxide. Foam and Water Fog Are Effective but May Cause Frothing.

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