Descale HF

Descale HF

An inhibited hydrochloric acid solution with a percentage of hydrofluoric acid for dissolving silica and other mineral deposits. This products removes water scale buildup from evaporators, condenser-coolers, boilers, diesel, etc..

Active Ingredients:

Hydrogen Chloride............30%

Hydrofluoric Acid..............4.2%

Inert Ingredients.............65.8%

**Add Descale HF only to water. This product may cause fire or explosion if mixed with other chemicals. Specifically Hypochlorites.

For Boilers:

1. Fill the unit to be cleaned partly full of fresh water

2. Add sufficient Descale HF to obtain a solution of one gallon Descale HF for every seven gallons water.

3. After the introduction of Descale HF, be sure to leave the unit vented.

4. Make sure that coils or tubes are in complete contact with the solution of Descale HF and water.

5. Crack steam to heat solution slightly and facilitate through mixing and circulation.

6. After solution is heated to about 150 degrees Fahrenheit, turn off steam and allow solution to soak about 10 hours.

7. Drain solution into bilges and wash unit thoroughly to remove all sludge and traces of descale HF.

8. Add 1/4 lb. of soda or trisodium phosphate to each 10 gallon capacity of evaporator to further neutralize the unit, and fill completely. Heat thoroughly and completely drain and flush out.

9. Unit is now ready to go back into normal operation.