A scientifically blended drain cleaner concentrate of specifically selected bacteria and enzymes. Under conditions favorable for biological activity, Septi-Zyme, will digest and liquefy organic waste thereby unclogging sinks, drains, grease traps and will restore function of a septic tank.

  • Contains biological activators and accelerators
  • Billions of catalytic bacteria
  • Works to prevent clogging in pipes and drains
  • Liquefies waste and mobilizes grease
  • Revitalizes biological activity

Application Rates:

  • Average home septic tanks: pour1/2 cup into toilet bowl and flush. One week later 1/4 cup and flush. Re-treat with 1/4 cup each month thereafter.
  • Commercial or Industrial applications: Use one pound for each 1,000 Gallon tank or for each 75 - 100 people. Re-treat with 1/2 pound for each 1,000 gallon tank per month or more often as needed.
  • Grease Trap and Feeder Lines: For home use, mix two heaping tablespoons in a cup of lukewarm water and pour into trap and let stand overnight. If necessary, repeat treatment until system functions properlv. Re-treat once a week with one heaping tablespoon in a cup of lukewarm water. Industrial applications: Treat the grease trap first with one pound in two quarts of lukewarm water per 25 cubic ft. capacitv. Allow 48 hours before treating feeder lines. If this is not done, the grease trap wil receive more grease and solids than it can handle and may become overloaded. Treat each feeder line with four heaping tablespoons in two cups of lukewarm water and let stand overnight. After entire system functions properly, re-treat each feeder line once per week with two heaping tablespoons in a cup of water and let stand overnight.
  • Garbage disposal units: For homes, use two ounces (4 heaping tablespoons) washed into the drain with two cups of lukewarm water and let stand overnight. If sink or drain is cloggeg, use double this amount. In some cases, physical or chemical methods may be necessary to open the drain. After normal operation is restored, re-treat once a week with two heaping tablespoons in one cup of lukewarm water. For Commercial Or Industrial Application, use twice the above amounts of the product.
  • Anaerobic sludge Initial Treatment: Use 1 lb. per 7000 gallons (approx. 1,000 cubic feet of sewage) of in the digester once each week for 4 weeks. Treatment should be applied through the sludge pump. Preventative Maintenance Treatment: use 1 lb per 7000 gallons (1000 cubic feet of sludge) in the digester each month. For a badly overloaded system, where there is heavy scum formation, the initial treatment should be doubled and should be made for an additional four weeks. SLUDGE Initial Treatment: Use 3 lbs each week for smaller lagoons and proportionately more for larger ones. Preventative Maintenance Treatment: Use 11/2 lbs per week for small lagoons and more for large ones. Add directly to lagoon surface or add to sludge pump wet well several days before transfer to lagoon.
  • IMHOFF Tanks: Initial Treatment: Use 1 lb per 7000 (1000 cubic feet of sewage) and add at the inlet line of each tank. Treatment should be added every two weeks until the system is functioning properly. Mix with several gallons of water before adding to system.
  • Municipal sewage treatment: Trickling Filters Initial - Use 3 lbs. per million gallons of daily flow. This dosage should be applied at the primary settling tank or to the syphon tank. Repeat this full treatment in several days, if necessary.
  • Preventative Maintenance Treatment: Use 4 oz. per 7000 gallons (1000 cubic feet of sewage) each month.

More Information:

SEPTI-ZYME is non-toxic, non-caustic, non-corrosive and is safe for general household and industrial use. Enzymes and bacteria act surely but slowly. Therefore. do not expect results for several hours. However, once SEPTI-ZYME is established, it will continuously regenerate, work day and night and prevent a recurrance of the problem.

  • No Harmful Acids
  • No Harmful Caustics
  • Safe for Plumbing
  • Safe to Use


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